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I am a college instructor and have always loved literature and writing. However, I did not consider pursuing English or the Fine Arts as a profession until I was thirty-eight. After completing a B.A English degree, I went on to complete a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration. I am currently working toward a Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Writing.

I feel like I got a late start in academia, but I am not discouraged. Although I have changed career paths and no longer work as a nurse, my 17 years of nursing were a valuable experience. I met patients who were fascinating and obtained oral histories from a few of them. At a conference, a few years ago, I presented a paper that I wrote about a patient of mine (with his family's permission and with his name changed). He worked on the Manhattan Project!

I am married to a man who makes me happy every day. It may seem trite, but he really is my best friend. We have indoor cats who bring us immense pleasure.

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