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I have been thinking about the blog and how I can redefine its purpose. So far, it has mostly been about classic books and the homes of classic authors. I recently read a book about an English professor who develops early-onset Alzheimer's disease. As a  nurse specializing in geriatrics and dementia, the topic interested me. Plus, I am working on becoming an English professor.

I read the book in one sitting.

I thought about posting a review of the book, but held back because it isn't part of the literary canon. Why did I create this constraint? Well, it is foolish... so I am abandoning it!

From this point forward, I will write about anything that has to do with books, my schooling and literary travels. One of the reasons my posts have not been frequent is that I felt I should only write when I had something significant about which to write. This could very well be the death of my blog. Readers won't come back if, when they visit a few times a month, the same old post is staring them in the face. I have heard this valid complaint from one of my readers and I will heed her advice.

My next post will be about that book I read, which is mentioned above. In the meantime, I have a Spanish test this morning, at eight o'clock... so I need to study!