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I have not written an entry since February 9th. Part of the reason is because I told myself that if I don't have time to produce an excellent post... full of exciting news and photos... that I shouldn't blog at all. Well, this hasn't worked well for me. Alas, I will write regularly, even if my post isn't really, really cool! I do this to myself. If I can't produce "A" quality work, I won't produce anything.

I was raised by my father (he had sole custody... the first man ever to get sole custody in Connecticut) and he set high standards for me and my brother. He taught me most of what I know about honesty and doing the right thing... not the easier thing. He also ingrained the "Type A personality" in me! For example, I remember when I was a kid, I used the word "jewelry", but pronounced it jew-lur-ry. As soon as I finished my sentence, my father had me look up the spelling of the word and to sound it out phonetically... je-wel-ry.

I haven't pronounced it incorrectly since then.

OK. Back to the blog and the lack of recent entries. I screwed up! Thank you for coming back and please leave a comment.